Year 3

Wow, I can’t believe it’s the end of the spring term! This year sure has flown.

Year 3 have had a fabulous term, with some super learning taking place. We had a great time in science, first learning about rocks, fossils and the structure of the Earth and then looking at magnets and how they work. The children got to think about and then plan their own investigations, which allowed them time to find out the answers to their own questions.

In English, we looked at traditional tales and focused on Little Red Riding Hood. We looked at the structure and features of traditional tales and then the children all wrote their own version of Little Red Riding Hood.

We also had a visit from an animal lady called Laura, who brough in some very interesting animals for us to see and hold. This included a chilean rose tarantula, a racoon dog, a scops owl, a tenrec, 2 geckos, a bearded dragon and 2 snakes. It was lovely to interact with animals we never normally get to see.

The most exciting thing that we got to do this term was take part in the City Music Recorder festival at the Victoria Hall. We have been learning the recorder this year and practising hard so that we could perform our best at the festival. We learnt and played 10 songs, which included some very complex notes, such as B Flat. The children played fantastically, and I am incredibly proud of them. While we were at the Recorder Festival, a musician called Anna Bradburn played some songs on an electric recorder. She had been playing the recorder since she was three years old, and she was amazing! It was definitely inspiring to see.

Looking ahead to the summer term, we have got lots to look forward to. In topic, we are first going to be looking at Reginald Mitchell and the Spitfire and then moving on to look at Ancient Civilisations, focusing on the Chang Dynasty.

In English, we will be looking at the stories of Dick King-Smith and writing stories in his style. After that, we will be looking at mystery stories and performance poetry. In Science, we will be looking at the topic of plants and growing some of our own! In music, we will be focusing on singing and percussion instruments for a while, before going back to the recorder to learn a few more songs.

And of course, we have the summer concert to look forward to, and the summer fair. We can’t wait!

Miss Jackson

Our Class Information Book for Parents/Carers

Class: Year 3

Staff:  Miss Jackson and Mrs Wolfe

Summer Term 2017

Our Topics

Subject Topic Key Words Home Activities
English Author focus – Dick King-Smith

Adventure and Mystery Stories

Performance poetry

Narrative, sentence, time period, headings, title, rhyme, theme Practise sentence types at home.

Read different types of books.

Maths Addition, subtraction, multiply and divide, shapes, fractions, time, measures Add, subtract, difference, times, divide, share, half, quarter Practise times tables at home.


Science Plants

Light and Shadow

Root, leaf, stem, grow, transparent, opaque Research different types of rocks
RE What does it mean to be a Christian in Britain today? Prayer, festival, belief, reflection, celebration, community Write a prayer about what you are thankful for
Learning Challenge Curriculum Who was Reginald Mitchell and why was he important?

Chang Dynasty

Spitfire, engine, plane, World War 2 Research different types of fighter planes in the RAF
PSHCE Keeping safe, going for goals Safe, danger, risk, aspirations Think about ways to be a good friend
PE Games, athletics Sprinting, skipping, endurance Exercise at home
IT Email, use of the internet Html, address, email, message Practise typing and using a mouse.

Our Homework

Spelling – Monday, to be complete by Friday
Writing & Maths – Wednesday, to be back on Monday

Special things to remember
PE is on Wednesdays
Swimming is on Fridays

Our class rules

  • Always use your manners and be polite.
  • Always be kind to others.
  • Always listen when someone is speaking and put your hand up to speak.
  • Always keep the classroom tidy.
  • Always walk around inside the school.
  • Always tell the truth.
  • Always show respect to others.
  • Always do your best!