Year 3

Spring Term

Our main topic this term is ‘What makes the Earth angry?’ We will be looking at major volcanos around the world and learning about how they appear and why they erupt. We will also be looking at other natural disasters, such as earthquakes and tsunamis and thinking about the effect they have on the world around us. We will also be building our own volcanoes in a D&T focus and making them erupt!

In Science, we will be looking at rocks and fossils and their different properties. We will be looking at where rocks come from, how they are formed and what they are best used for. We will even be planning to set up our own rock museum and think about the best way to present information for each rock.

In our English lessons, we will be developing our writing further, looking once again at historical settings, linking to the topic of the Romans and the eruption of Mount Vesuvius. We will also be looking at how we write an explanation text, and will be creating our own shape poems.

It will be both a busy and fun term!

Miss Jackson