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School Council designated charities 2017 – 18

The school council have voted to support the following charities this year.

Cancer Research

Children in Need

Diabetes UK

Douglas Macmillan Hospice


KS1 Eco Meeting

8th March 2018
Today we walked up to look at the pond area.
We talked about what we could see and the Eco Warriors told me things they didn’t like about it:

  • Fenced off and locked so we can’t go in and explore
  • Weeds, nettles and brambles with thorns
  • Pond weed
  • Rubbish and football
  • Dead plants

We talked about why the area had to be fenced off – for the safety of children and the animals that live there.
I suggested that we might try to improve this area of our school grounds to create a space for wildlife but make it safer for children to explore.
The Eco Warriors would like to create a wetland / marsh like area rather than a pond. They would like to add:

  • smaller areas of shallow water
  • new plants and flowers
  • homes for different kinds of animals to live in
  • rocks and logs
  • a path to walk along

I have asked the Eco Warriors to do some research for our project to find out what animals like to live in wet areas and what plants would grow best.

School Council project 2 (learning tips)

How can we concentrate more in class?
We can concentrate more in class by: having a good routine (eating breakfast), making wise choices about partners and seating in class, organising things the night before, ignoring distractions and going to bed quite early.

What can staff do to help you learn more?
Teachers can help you to learn more by challenging pupils more, motivate children who might be struggling and informing parents about behaviour/learning.

How can children organise their homework better?
Children could organise their homework better by: asking parents to help, check you understand it before you take it home (if you struggle and so do your parents, ask a member of staff), find a quiet place to do it and you could do extra work.

What other learning tips can we do?
You can take risks, challenge yourself, try your best, focus more, do your homework in little bits or make sure you do it as soon as you get it and you can check your work if you finish early.

Anti- Bullying Ambassadors

Aiden Johnson, Ranudi Premadasa, Alyssa Stanley, Oscar Dix, Chloe Kirk and Anto Yohannan are the school’s Anti-Bullying Ambassadors. They meet regularly to discuss any issues and ideas they have. If a child feels unsure they are buddied up with one of the members when outside.

The School Council investigated what might help good learning.

Click here for the School Council project 2 (learning tips)

School Council ‘Stoke 6’ project 2017-2018

Representatives of all the six schools met at Oakhill to work on a team building event. They had to make a parachute that would safely land an egg from an up stair’s window. The children enjoyed this and worked well together. Most eggs made it to the ground without breaking!!

The next stage of the project is to visit each other’s schools and spend a day there and feed back to the head teacher .

School Council ‘Stoke 6’ project Class…………………………..

All the Stoke 6 School Councils are going to do a project in their school called ‘The Great Outdoors’. It is to fundraise in each school to buy something to add to outside. Some older members will be attending a meeting to chat about what each school is doing shortly.

  1. So can reps get an idea of what to fundraise for by asking each class for 3 ideas (be realistic financially)
  2. Ideas how to fund raise for the project?

Thank you

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