Year 4/5

Dear Year 4/5 Parents/Carers,
We had the pleasure of having the ‘Zoolab’ into school where we looked at different animals and learnt about their habitats. We thoroughly enjoyed this session and all the children completed a write-up about each animal to include the information they had learnt.

Last term, we enjoyed learning about ‘What makes the earth angry?’ We looked at earthquakes, tsunamis, tornadoes and even had a creative class project to erupt volcanoes.

We really enjoyed this topic, especially completing the volcano project in our small groups to make, design and erupt the volcanoes. We looked at the different heights for volcanoes and compared the dates of when they had last erupted. We also had to think about what we would put into our survival kit for if an earthquake were to occur.

Our new topic for this term is ‘Who first lived in Britain?’ We will be looking at the prehistoric times and will be completing work based on the ages: Stone, Bronze and Iron. We will compare animals from the past, complete timeline work and think about the types of settlements they had in the past.

In Maths, we will be completing work on time and building our knowledge of converting between 24hour and 12hour time. We will be solving word problems using different calculations to find the important information to answer the question.

We will focus, in English, on Autobiographies and Biographies and looking at Poetic devices to write our own poems. We will be writing our own autobiographies and also we will write biographies of each other.

We have moved on in our Science lessons to focus on ‘Electricity’. We will learn all about how circuits are made up, about hazards and how to be safe when learning about electricity. We will complete practical investigations to learn more about circuits and how to spot if a circuit will work.

As we are moving into the summer term, we have an upcoming visit to Stanley Head to complete a river study, the summer concert and sports day planned, so we have a busy term ahead. I’m sure all the children will be looking forward to this term with all the exciting activities planned to enhance their learning.

Miss Edwards


Our Class Information Book for Parents/Carers

Class: Y4/5

Staff: Miss Edwards

Summer Term 2018

Our Topics

Subject Topic Key Words Home Activities
English Autobiographies and Biographies

Non-Chronological Reports

Traditional Tales




Character & Setting descriptions

Descriptive writing – use interesting adjectives to describe items around the house
Maths Calculations

Place value




Multiplication and division





Practise measuring different items around the house
Science Electricity


States of Matter




Solids, Liquids, Gases

Think about any items that need electricity to work
RE What do Christians learn from the creation story?




Humans/Nature/ Animals

Retell the creation story in your own words
Learning Challenge Curriculum Who first lived in Britain Prehistoric

Stone Ages

Research different settlements from the Ages
PSHCE Relationships Memories



PE Games/ Athletics






Practise throwing and catching accurately
Computing Logo  Commands

Repeat function

Give clear instructions to follow to show direction


Our Homework

English – Wednesday to be back on Monday

Maths – Wednesday to be back on Monday

Special things to remember

PE is on Tuesdays and Wednesdays

Our class rules

  • Always try your best
  • Be nice and polite to each other
  • Always listen carefully and respect the teachers and other children
  • Always help others and your friends
  • Keep your hand and your feet to yourself
  • Tuck your chairs under the table