Year 4/5

Dear Year 4/5E Parents/Carers,

Welcome to Year 4/5, we have made a really good start to this term.

We will be looking at the Victorians in our topic lessons this half term and will enjoy learning all about how the Victorians lived. The children will be finding out about how life was different in the Victorian period, especially for children.

Our English lessons will link well with our topic as we will be focusing on Oliver Twist and using this story to think about setting and character description from the Victorian period. In Maths, we will focus on place value, measure and shape, as well as working on quick recall of our times tables. We will continue working on their times tables, so that the children will become secure and more confident.

We have been learning all about the Human Body in Science and have enjoyed completing practical investigations to gain more understanding into how our bodies work. We have looked at the digestive system and the different types of teeth humans and animals have. Throughout the next half term, we will move onto learning about the environment and the animals that make up our ecosystem.

Our topic after half term is learning about the Greeks; we will look at who the Ancient Greeks were and what we have learnt from them.

I look forward to having an enjoyable term with Y4/5.

Miss Edwards