Year 4/5

Dear Year 4/5 parents and carers

The spring term was very busy. The children learned so much and made excellent progress. They enjoyed a variety of WOW days too.
In the spring term we learned about the Mayans and began the topic by making this model of the Yucutan peninsula complete with houses, trees and animals.

At the end of the term we made some traditional Mayan food – tortillas. We prepared and cooked them. Then we tasted them – delicious!

Science was also an exciting subject this term! We used a gas producing reaction to inflate a balloon as shown in our pictures here.

We also had a visit from an animal expert and enjoyed looking at, touching and holding some unusual animals. Some of us were brave enough to hold a tarantula!

We have lots to look forward to and learn in the Summer term too, including athletics, sports day and the summer concert.
Our new topic will be about canals, in which we will have a go at designing and making a bridge.
Our class booklet shows the other subjects and topics we will be covering in Summer term. The children will continue to work hard to progress even further. I look forward to updating you again next time.
Thank you for reading.
Miss Morris

Our Class Information Book for Parents/Carers

Class: 4/5

Staff: Miss Morris and Miss Cruxton

Summer Term 2017

Our Topics

Subject Topic Key Words Home Activities
English Biographies and autobiographies




First/third person



verse simile

Read the text types and talk about features

Write a poem

Maths Decimals



Tenths, hundredths

Numerator, denominator, equivalent

Helping with money calculations

Identifying fractions in everyday situations

Science States of matter




Famous scientists

condensation, degrees Celsius (°C), energy transfer, solid, evaporation, Look at changes of state in the kitchen – cooking, boiling water, etc.
RE What can we learn from religions about right and wrong? Temptation, inspiration Discussion and stories
Learning Challenge Curriculum Why is the Trent and Mersey canal important to Stoke? Lock, waterways,


Visit a canal and see a lock in action


PSHCE  Charities

Growing up

Donation poverty


PE Athletics




Home practise

Watch athletics

Computing We are co-authors

We are meteorologists



Add to the class wiki from home

Watch weather reports

Our Homework

Spelling – Monday to be back on Friday
Maths and English – Wednesday to be back on Friday

Special things to remember

PE is on Friday
Swimming is on Wednesday

Our class rules

  • Be kind and respect everyone
  • Put your hand up when you want to say something
  • Listen when someone is talking
  • Keep your hands and feet to yourself
  • Sit on your chair properly and move around the classroom safely
  • Always try your best