Sustainable Travel

St Johns promotes the use of sustainable travel. Every child should be able to travel to school in a healthy, safe and sustainable way. The number of children driven to school has doubled in the last five years and congestion outside all city schools is a serious problem.

The School Travel Plan promotes a sustainable way for the whole community to travel to and from school. It encourages walking, cycling, scooting, car- sharing, public transport and aims to reduce the number of car journeys to and from school.

Children who walk or cycle to school tend to be healthier, fitter and more alert in class than children who are driven. In addition, there are more sustainable journeys and reduce congestion, help combat climate change and reduce air pollution.

Introducing the walk to school app

Introducing the Living Streets walk to school app For WoW 2015, Living Streets has launched a walk to school smartphone app to bring the WoW badges to life via 3D content. The Walk to School app is fun and easy to use, simply scan the WoW badge and watch the scene unfold.

Download the app by searching ‘walk to school’ within the App Store and Google Play.