Design & Technology

Last year children took part in several Design and Technology projects.
Kite day was great fun! We used kits to build our own kites and fly them.

The whole school did a project on mechanisms with children in Key Stage 1 making story boxes with moving parts and older children creating moving monsters and mechanical toys.
Year 1 used pulleys to make their characters climb up and down the beanstalk.

Year 4/5 used pneumatics to make their monsters move!

Years 5 and 6 used cams to turn rotation into up and down movements.

Our Design and Technology project last term was to produce a moving Christmas card.
Each year group used a different mechanism to create movement in their cards. The children planned out their designs. They experimented with rotation, levers, sliders and pop-up techniques and solved problems that came up before completing their finished cards.
At the end of each project, children evaluate their finished product. They consider what went well and what they think they could improve or done differently.
These projects gave the children opportunities to develop many skills including; drawing straight lines with a ruler, measuring, cutting, folding and problem solving.