Year 2

Our Class Information Book for Parents/Carers

Class: Y2M

Staff: Miss Mazzei

Autumn Term 2018

Our Topics

Subject Topic Key Words Home Activities
English Stories



Information Texts


Setting, noun, adjective, verb, adverb Complete spelling homework.

Read 4 times a week or more.

Maths Addition, subtraction, multiply and divide, shapes, fractions Add, subtract, times, divide/share Practise times x2, x5, x10 tables at home.
Science Living things and their habitats

Uses of everyday materials

Living, non-living, habitat, grow, herbivore, carnivore, omnivore Walk in the woods and look at where animals live.
RE What is the good news that Jesus brings?

How and why do we celebrate special/sacred times?

Jesus, bible, disciples, Write a prayer about showing how we care.
Learning Challenge Curriculum What would Barnaby Bear find exciting about our city? City, Stoke-on-Trent, Potteries, United Kingdom, North, East, West, South What pottery do you have made in Stoke-on-Trent
PSHCE Being Me in My World Kindness, sharing, right, wrong, differences Think about ways to be a good friend.
PE Games, Gymnastics and Dance Pass, throw, catch, team, stretch, Exercise at home
Computing We are astronauts

We are games testers

Programming, algorithms as sequences What do you like/not like about games you play ?

Our Homework

Spelling – Monday to be back on Friday
Mathematics or English – Wednesday to back in on Tuesday

Special things to remember

PE is on Tuesdays and Wednesdays

Our class rules

These class rules were decided and agreed upon by all the children in the class.

  • Think before you speak.
  • Be kind and polite. Have the courage to say if someone is not.
  • Listen when the teacher of other children are talking.
  • Respect everything and everyone in the classroom, so that we are safe. (Joy)
  • Always try your best. (Dedication)

Social, Moral, Spiritual, Cultural Experiences

Social Moral Spiritual Cultural

Please tick which area this is evidence for.

Who was involved? All of Y2M
When? Wednesday 10th October, 2018
Briefly describe how the activity / event added to the SMSC experience for the children. On Wednesday was a special Space Science Day at school.  We had lots of fun making a Rocket Mouse.  We made and decorated a mouse and then launched our mice from our rocket launcher.  Our rocket launcher was an empty bottle and we talked about how the air from the bottle was being forced out.  We talked simply about air pressure.  The air pressure inside the bottle then pushed hard on the bottom of the rocket and sent it flying into the air.  We worked in teams together, we made decisions together and we helped each other fill in our investigation sheet for the day.
Any other details? We also made some parachutes out of different materials and investigated which was the best material.  We observed carefully and recorded what we had found out.  We were real SCIENTISTS and we can’t wait for the next one.