Confidentiality Policy

Revision/Review History

Version Date Comments Review Date
12 Summer 2016 Amended (typographical only), approved and issued Summer 2017
11 Summer 2015 Amended, approved  and issued Summer 2016
10 Summer 2014 Approved and issued (no amendments) Summer 2015
9 Summer 2013 Approved & issued (no amendments) Summer 2014
8 June 2011 Amended, approved and issued Summer 2013
7 September 2010 Amended, approved and issued July 2011
6 July 2010 Approved and issued (no amendments) July 2011
5 March 2009 Approved, amended and issued July 2010
4 November 2007 Approved, amended and issued July 2009
3 April 2007 Approved, amended and issued April 2008
2 March 2006 Approved and issued March 2007
1 September 2005 First draft

To meet the needs of all the children in our care, it is important to share information with parents/carers and with one another in order to support the child’s development.  It may also be necessary in some circumstances for the school to seek help and advice from outside professionals.  If this action is taken the parental permission will first be sought unless it is a safeguarding issue.

Any confidential/sensitive information and knowledge will be on a need to know basis and will be kept confidential.  Pupil information must not be discussed either outside the school or in the more public places in school such as the playground or corridors.  Similarly school matters or staffing issues should not be discussed openly.

All social networking sites accessed at home will only be used in a professional manner when discussing school ie school, staff or pupil names will not be used.

  • see LA Policy ‘Social Networking Protocol for School Managed Staff’ (copy available from the school office)

All new staff to the school are now routinely asked a question during the induction interview, relating to confidentiality.

In order to demonstrate compliance with current Data Protection Act and Freedom of Information Act legislation, the Governing Board require all staff, voluntary helpers and governors to acknowledge their agreement to the principles of this legislation and commitment to this policy by signing this document below.  This record will then be held centrally for normal audit purposes.

Confidentiality Policy – Version 12 – Summer 2016