Medical & First Aid Policy

Revision History

Version Date Comments Review Date
10 Summer 2017 Amended, approved and issued Summer 2018
9 Summer 2016 Amended, approved and issued Summer 2017
8 Summer 2015 Amended, approved and issued Summer 2016
7 Summer 2013 Approved, amended and issued Summer 2015
6 Autumn 2012 Approved and issued (no amendments) Autumn 2014
5 October 2010 Approved and issued (no amendments) October 2012
4 September 2008 Approved and issued (no amendments) September 2010
3 November 2007 Approved and issued November 2008
2 June 2006 Approved and issued June 2007
1 September 2005 First draft

It is essential to have in place adequate first aid provision and medical care for all pupils and school personnel.


  • To provide adequate first aid provision and medical care for pupils and school personnel.
  • To have in place qualified first aid personnel.
  • To have in place adequate first aid equipment.
  • To have in place excellent lines of communication with the emergency services and other external agencies.


Identification &


Parents/Carers must inform the school of their child’s medical condition that may be a cause for concern.

School personnel must be suitably trained in identifying pupils where a medical condition may be developing.

School personnel must report any concerns they have on the medical welfare of any pupil.

Training For all nominated personnel to undertake training in first aid, administration of medicines and awareness of medical problems in pupils.

A record of trained personnel is kept centrally

The Home School Link Worker (HSLW) is responsible for arranging updates/retraining of first aiders.


of Medicines

A procedure must be in place for the administration of medicines for pupils.  Only prescribed medication to be given.

Before the school administers any medication the parent/carer must complete the necessary paper work.

Records must be kept of the administration of medicines.

House Keeping All medicines must be securely stored in a central location.
Emergencies A procedure for dealing with accidents must be in place.
Records Records are to be kept for all pupils.
Reporting Parents/Carers are to be informed of all accidents especially head injuries.

The school uses an accident, incident and illness register and each ‘accident’ is recorded and a numbered report slip is given to the child, signed by first aider and a copy remains in school.  The slip records if deemed necessary to contact parents/carers and the time the child is collected from school is recorded by the InVentry Signing In/Visitor system.

If there are any doubts HSLW rings parents/carers to inform, to either collect child or ask if they are happy for child to stay in school

More serious incidents/injuries are recorded on an Incident/Injury/Near Miss report which are retained by HSLW and/or sent to LA/ELAS for follow up/advice.

The above strategy is effective in the provision of medical and first aid care within the school.

Intimate care – In the event of an injury/soreness in an area of the body that could be described as intimate, 2 or more first aiders must be present.

Medical & First Aid Policy – Version 10 – Summer 2017