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St John’s CofE (A) Primary School was awarded the Silver Mark award following the validation visit. Areas of the application highlighted where the school was offering a strong sports programme, including:

  • The school has a wide range of sports on offer (20 at Level 1 and 10 at Level 2).
  • The sport offer at the school was well supplemented by strong gifted and talented and leadership programmes.
  • In addition to this, the school engaged well with the wider local community and local coaches to support sport provision.

There is one area not in place at the Gold level for 2016-17;

  • Currently the school engages 10% of students in leadership activities, this needs to increase to 15% for the school to reach the Gold level.

Well done on your award and good luck planning and delivering 2017-18.

For the full Games Mark report, please click here for a copy.

The ‘Golden Mile Club’ just completing their 5 mile award.

Children competing at the town sports.

Sports day 2017

Monday Movers and Tuesday Twisters

Two new lunchtime activity clubs are being run for KS1. Monday Movers and Tuesday Twisters

Dance Festival

Table Tennis


During health and well being week all the classes had 2 PE days sampling different sports and activities.

Girls and Boys football and scooter club photos


Fun Run

European City of Sport

To celebrate Stoke on Trent’s status of European City of Sport, St Johns took part in the city fun run organised on a Saturday.89 runners took part and the event was very successful.All competitors were awarded a city medal.


Sport Relief 2016

Sports Day 2016

After School Clubs

Lunch Time Clubs

PE Subject leader update

At the beginning of September all KS1 and KS2 classes had a fitness test and scores from 1 to 4 were reported to parents. In order to improve fitness standards, all classes have been going out at least once a week for The Style Mile. This is in addition to the 2 PE lessons that all classes do. Reception classes have been doing this daily and have reported an improvement in fitness. The children enjoy this extra physical activity.

At lunchtimes there are football, skipping and basketball opportunities. Golden Mile and scooting club have also been organised to keep children active.

Staff continue to use the purchased planning scheme to alter to suit their classes. Time For Sport deliver 3 after- noons of PE for PPA time (the 2 hours that teachers get as a contribution towards planning and marking)

They plan their own lessons using example lesson plans and use the long term plan for topic coverage. The quality of teaching has increased over the last 2 years which is evidenced by monitoring. Children enjoy their PE lessons. One afternoon a week Mr Kelter from TFS coaches staff on a rota in maximising their teaching. This has had an impact.

We have had some intra-class competitions e.g. skipping running and more are planned in the Health and Well-being week in July.

All KS2 classes will be having a PE day in July at Stanley Head and they had another in December. Our KS2 swimming data is very good with 95% achieving length or better.

Y2 entered the Dance festival and there have been 2 afterschool sports clubs all year as well as a term of netball and football. The taekwondo club has completed 2 ‘gradings’ for the group.

The Sport’s Premium last year was spent on an extra swimming lesson and coach for swimming teaching, staff coaching on a Wednesday and transport for competitive sports and the Open PE Network that organises competitions e.g. Y2 multi-skills, girls football, Mini tennis, tri golf, Paralympic sports and Northwood athletics and the extension of the trim trail which is used extensively in KS2.

St Johns is hosting a summer term cricket, rounders and girls football tournament for the town. We are hosting a 2km fun run on Saturday 21st May to celebrate the European city of sport status.

In conclusion PE is a vibrant subject area and very well delivered by the staff.


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