Year 3/4

Our Class Information Book for Parents/Carers

Class: Y3/4

Staff: Mr Meir

Autumn Term 2018

Our Topics 

Subject Topic Key Words Home Activities
English Traditional tales. Characters, description, settings, fiction, author, nouns. Reading four times a week.

Spelling sheet.


Maths Working with numbers, times table, division and co-ordinates. Units, tens, hundreds, thousands, multiply, times tables, divide. Homework.
Science Sound Pitch, amplitude, loud, quiet, vibration, waves, wind, percussion, strings.
RE The Kingdom of God God, Father, Son, Holy Spirit, Jesus, baptism, crucifixion, ascension, flames, tongues.
Learning Challenge Curriculum Why is Liverpool such a cool place? Landmarks, cathedrals, pop groups, co-ordinates, Liver bird, ferry.
PSHCE How do we fit in? Respect, values, love, care, nurture, respect.
PE Balance Apparatus, equipment, partner work.
IT Purple mash – 2Logo Programme, order, de-bug

Our Homework

Will be given out on Wednesday and must be back by the following Monday. Spellings will be given out on Monday, for a test on Friday.

Special things to remember

PE is on Tuesday and Wednesday. PE kit to be kept in school. No earrings to be worn on these days.

Our class rules

  • When the teacher is talking, always listen.
  • Always put up your hand to speak.
  • Be responsible for: Your actions. Equipment
  • Always be sensible and safe.
  • Always tell the truth.
  • Be kind to others.