Hello and welcome to our wonderful Nursery Class!

We have all settled really well into our new, big school. We look very smart in our St John’s uniform and our teachers, parents/carers are extremely proud of each and every one of us.

In Nursery our class rules are:

  • To have Kind Hands, Kind Feet and Kind Mouths.
  • To show Good sitting, Good looking and Good listening.
  • To look after the books and toys.
  • We must not run inside.

We are trying our very best to follow these rules at all times – what superstars!!!
This half term we have had a big focus on settling into the Nursery class daily routines, singing different nursery rhymes, listening to stories, engaging in Phase 1 phonic activities and number work (e.g. reciting numbers, touch counting, recognising/forming some numbers).

We are able to choose from a range of fun and exciting activities both indoor and outdoor (all linked to the EYFS Curriculum) throughout the day and ‘help yourself snack’ is available. *A lot of the activities are often child-initiated as we believe that this is how children learn best.

Our role play area this half term is a ‘home corner’. We are trying very hard to play happy families and share our Nursery toys. We make each other dinner, clean the house and look after the babies and pets.

Most of us have a delicious school dinner with our friends; this is a perfect opportunity for us to experience and enjoy different types of food, socialise and learn our table manners.

They say that time flies when you’re having fun – it certainly does in our Nursery Class!
Thank you for looking at our Class page.

Mrs Mills-Farmer and the Nursery Class/team.

What Parents/Carer’s can do to help:
Ask your child what they have done each day – Converse with your child regularly; encourage them to listen and make eye contact with the person that is talking.
Read your child a story – Model how to turn the pages correctly and encourage your child to predict what might happen next.
Sing Nursery Rhymes – Each week a different nursery rhyme is sent home, please add this to your nursery rhyme booklet that we have provided and enjoy a sing song with your child.
Maths – Where ever you go count! Count how many cars you see or how many birds are in the sky. Talk about what numbers you can see when you go to the supermarket/ house door numbers that you might pass/numbers on the remote control or telephone etc.

Pencil control – whenever your child is writing or drawing; please can you make sure that they are holding their pencil correctly (you may need to show them). This will help to develop their writing. Thank you.

We have P.E every Thursday, it is very important that we keep our bodies fit and healthy. Please make sure that your child has their kit in school so that they are able to participate.

Home Learning is sent out on a Wednesday and should be returned the following Monday.

Thank you for your support.