Sun Protection Policy

Revision History

Version Date Comments Review Date
8 Spring 2017 No Amendments, approved and issued Spring 2019
7 Summer 2015 Amended, approved and issued Spring 2017
6 Spring 2015 Amended, approved and issued Spring 2017
5 Spring 2013 Approved and issued (no amendments) Spring 2015
4 April 2011 Amended, approved and issued May 2013
3 June 2008 Approved, amended and issued May 2011
2 June 2007 Approved and issued May 2008
1 June 2007 First draft  

At St John’s we want staff and pupils to enjoy the sun safely.  We work together with staff, pupils and parents/carers to achieve this through:

  1. School Responsibility
  • We will talk about being safe in the sun in class and assemblies, when we get hot weather.
  • We will tell parents/carers about what the school is doing about sun protection in newsletters during hot weather.
  • We will provide cold water, water bottles and access to water as needed.
  • The school has an ongoing plan to increase the number of shelters and shaded areas and review as necessary.
  • Encourage parents/carers to apply sunscreen in the morning.
  • If necessary sports day will have a break and drinks be provided.
  • Children will not spend more than 30 minutes outside in hot weather.  If it is too hot PE lessons can be shortened using teacher’s discretion and should include a cool down inside before changing.
  1. Parent/Carer Responsibility
  • Parents/Carers should send children to school with sunhats.
  • Parents/Carers should apply sunscreen before school.
  • Parents/Carers should send children to school appropriately dressed.

Sun Protection Policy Version 8 Summer 2017