General Policy on Health, Safety and Welfare

Revision History

Version Date Comments  Review Date
11 Spring 2014 Amended, approved and issued Spring 2015
10 Spring 2013 Approved and issued (no amendments) Spring 2014
9 Spring 2012 Amended, approved and issued Spring 2013
8 April 2011 Amended, approved and issued April 2012
7 April 2010 Amended, approved and issued April 2011
6 June 2009 Amended, approved and issued July 2010
5 July 2008 Approved and issued July 2009
4 July 2007 Amended, approved and issued July 2008
3 November 2006 Approved and issued November 2007
2 November 2005 Approved and issued November 2006
1 September 2005 First draft

1. General

This statement supplements both the general statement of policy issued most recently by

Stoke on Trent City Council and the more detailed statement issued by the Department of Education. The school’s Governing Body and Senior Management Team recognise and accept their responsibilities both under civil and criminal law and also under Stoke on Trent Local Authority scheme of delegation for local management of schools. As responsible employers and/or persons in control of premises, the requirement to provide a safe and healthy working environment for all employees is acknowledged. We also acknowledge health and safety is the responsibility of all employees. The school is committed to ensuring that risk assessments are undertaken, control measures implemented, and systems are constantly monitored and reviewed.

2. Compliance

In compliance with the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974, the school is to ensure so far as is reasonably practical that:

The Head Teacher works towards the school’s aim by:

  • Taking responsibility for the day to day operations of this Health and Safety policy.
  • The Governing Body recognises its obligations to non-employees and everyone on site. Where it is reasonably foreseeable that trainees, member of the pubic, contractors, etc, are or may be affected by the school activities being carried out within the school boundary or otherwise, the Governing Body will make the necessary information, instruction, training and supervision available to ensure the safety of those affected. As an education provider which must set standards by example for its pupils, this commitment is seen as especially important. Within the financial restraints dictated by the City Council, the Governing Body will ensure through the Senior Management Team that adequate resources are set aside from the total budget allocation for the policy statement to be properly implemented. The Governing Body is committed to this policy and all staff are required to comply as a condition of employment. They are encouraged to assist in the Governing Body’s commitment to the continuous improvement in our Health and Safety Performance. For the policy to be effectively implemented the school must have the full cooperation of employees and others who use the premises.
  • Will ensure that the premises are maintained in a safe condition.
  • Safe access to and exits from the premises and are well maintained.
  • All plant and equipment is safe to use.
  • Appropriate safe systems of work exist and are maintained.
  • Sufficient information, instruction, training and supervision is available and provided.
  • Arrangements exist for the safe use, handling and storage of articles and substances at work eg COSHH assessments.
  • A healthly working environment is maintained including adequate welfare facilities.
  • Making termly inpections to ensure that a safe and healthy school environment is mainted.
  • Establishing a system for the reporting, recording and investigation of accidents and ensuring that this is applied rigorously.
  • Taking active steps to ensure that equiptment, buildings and grounds are safe, secure and well maintained and that any damage is quickly rectified.
  • Ensuring that there are arrangements for the speedy evacuation of the buildings in case of fire or other emergency.

Teachers work towards the schools aims by:

  • Promoting a spirit of safety consciousness amongst children, ensuring that they understand the need for codes of practice and are conscious of their responsibilities in taking reasonable care for their own safety and that of others.
  • Being good role models – vigilant and careful.
  • Taking quick, firm action that children are not allowed to jeopardise their own safety or that of others.
  • Providing opportunities for children to discuss appropriate health and safety issues.
  • To make sure risk assessments are carried out before any off-site visits.

Pupils work towards the schools aims by:

  • Developing a growing understanding of health and safety issues.
  • Contributing to the development of codes of practice.
  • Conducting themselves in an orderly manner in line with these codes.
  • Taking growing responsibility for maintaining a safe and healthy environment and for their own safe conduct within it.

All school staff:
Are reminded of their own duties:

  • To take care of their own safety and that of others and;
  • To co-operate with the Governing Body and Senior Management Team so that they may carry out their responsibilities successfully.
  • All relevant Regulations, Codes of Practice and Standards will be complied with and copies are available, if required.
  • Consultation with employee representatives will be held as and when appropriate on all matters affecting the health and/or safety of employees concerned.
  • A copy of this statement has been provided to every member of staff.
  • Copies are also posted on staff notice-boards.

Parents/Carers work towards the schools aims by:

  • Ensuring that children attend school in good health.
  • Providing prompt notes/phone calls to explain all absences
  • Providing support for the discipline within the school and for the teachers role.
  • Ensuring early contact with school to discuss matters concerning the health and safety of their children or of others.
  • Allowing children to take increasing personal and social responsibility as they progress throughout the school.
  • Accepting responsibility for the conduct of their children at all times.
  • Ensuring that the school has up-to-date contact addresses and telephone numbers so that parents/carers may be swiftly contacted in emergencies.

This policy statement and the accompanying organisation and arrangements will be revised as and when necessary.

This policy statement together with the organisational structure and the arrangements and procedures as specified in this policy has been approved by the schools Governing Body.

Signed ………………………………………………………………. Staff/Volunteer


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Statement of General Policy on Health, Safety & Welfare Version 11 Spring 2014