Year 6

Hello from year 6!

We have had a fantastic start to the academic year: our routines have been embedded and we are getting to know people within our smaller teaching groups. One of the most noticeable things about year 6 is that the pace of learning is so much quicker and we are striving to become more independent with our learning too.

In maths we will be looking at properties of number: place-value, the four operations, properties of shape including features of a circle, we will also be matching fractions to their equivalents. Throughout each week we will be solving reasoning questions and applying our mathematical knowledge to problems in other subject areas. In addition to this some of us hope to get our ‘Dastardly division’ mental mathematics award, although at the moment it looks a bit tricky!

In English writing remains our key focus: we will be looking at how we can use our knowledge of grammar to make our writing more interesting (use of figurative language). We will be studying the features of several genres including historical fiction, biographies, non-chronological reports and poetry. Furthermore, we will be exploring characters’ feelings through role-play and freeze framing. There will also be opportunity to take part in class debates. This term we will be reading two whole –class novels: The Midnight Fox and Cirque du Freak.

Our topic this term is based around the ‘Ancient Egyptians’ we will be locating Egypt on the map and learning about the ancient Egyptian way of life. We will be looking at Ancient Egyptian Gods and Pharaoh’s as well as taking a look at how the pyramids were made. We will be looking at some Ancient Egyptian stories including: Horus the Avenger and The Egyptian creation story where we will have the opportunity to write our own version of the Horus the Avenger story. I am sure there will some gory details about mummification also! We will be linking our topic to maths where possible through using scales on maps to calculate distances, drawing precise timelines etc..

In RE we will be looking at the way in which people use their faith when times get tough: focusing upon what various faiths believe regarding ‘life after death’. We will be considering the reasons for various beliefs and considering challenges in our own lives and how faith can be used to over-come these. In science lessons we will be making observations and using these to form investigative questions: there will be time to investigate some of our own questions! We will also be looking at the topics light, electricity and we will be researching the life of famous scientists.

We hope to have some photographs to show soon. Best Wishes,

From Year 6 and Mrs Peake.