Year 1/2

Our Class Information Book for Parents/Carers

Class: Y1/2

Staff: Mrs Brown and Miss Chapman

Autumn Term 2018

Our Topics 

Subject Topic Key Words Home Activities
English Stories with familiar settings

Poetry, pattern and rhyme

Traditional and fairy tales


Story, prediction, sentence, finger space, capital letter, full stop. Homework tasks set on Wednesday.
Maths Counting on and back in 1s, 2s, 5s and 10s

Addition and Subtraction

Ordering numbers

Continuing shape patterns

One more, one less.

Add, plus, take-away, subtract.

Numbers 1-30


Homework tasks set on Wednesday.
Science Materials




Clay, fabric, wood.

Breakable, transparent, soft.

Talk about different materials that you find around the home.
RE Who is a Christian

and what do they believe?

God, parable, miracle Talk about beliefs.
Learning Challenge Curriculum
PSHCE New beginnings

Right and wrong

Rules, routines Talk to your child about how they are feeling.
PE Games and Gymnastics Control, looking skills, fitness, improvement Encourage your child to be active.
Computing We are Treasure Hunters

We are TV chefs

Username, password, program, direction, instructions

to practise phonics through games on your home computer.

Our Homework

Writing and Maths – Thursday to be back on Tuesday

Special things to remember

PE is on Monday and Thursday

Our class rules

  • Listen when others are talking. (Dedication)
  • Always put our hand up.
  • Sit nicely.
  • Look after each other and each other’s feelings. (Joy)
  • Share and look after our equipment.
  • Keep hands and feet to ourselves.

We have been on an Autumn walk where we have reflected on God’s creation. We have looked at physical and human features in our school grounds and enjoyed exploring the grounds at this particular time of year. We will go for further walks in the winter, spring and summer and compare what we can see and what the temperature is like.

Throughout this topic we have made lots of links with Maths and Science. We have looked at the weather and how we can measure it; learning to use a thermometer, make a wind sock and measure rainfall. We have observed and recorded changes that we see from Summer to Autumn and will continue this into Winter.

In the second half of the Autumn term our topic question is:
Why can’t a meerkat live in the North Pole?

This is a Geography and Science based topic which will also link to Science work on materials and habitats.

How can you help at home?
• Learning the days, months and seasons,
• Encouraging your child to complete their daily phonics homework, to read regularly and to sign their diaries,
• Talking to the pupils about their learning,
• Trips to the library can also be a great help and we always welcome information brought in from home to aid our learning.