Year 1/2

This term our topic is: Where do the leaves go in Winter?

As the weather becomes more ‘autumnal’ we will be setting out on Autumn walks where we will reflect on God’s creation. We will look at physical and human features in our school grounds and enjoy exploring the grounds at this particular time of year. We will go for further walks in the winter, spring and summer and compare what we can see and what the temperature is like.

Throughout this topic we will be making lots of links with Maths and Science. We are looking at the weather and how we can measure it; learning to use a thermometer, make a wind sock and measure rainfall. We will observe and record changes that we see from Summer to Autumn and into Winter.

In the second half of the Autumn term our topic question will be: Is the iPad more fun than our Grandparents old toys?

This is a History based topic which will also link to Science work on materials. We will be looking at toys from the past and would be grateful of any information that could be provided by older members of your family about what they used to play with as a child.

How can you help at home?
• learning the days, months and seasons,
• encouraging your child to complete their daily phonics homework, to read regularly and to sign their diaries,
• talking to the pupils about their learning (seasons and weather),
• trips to the library can also be a great help and we always welcome information brought in from home to aid our learning.