Gritting Policy

Revision History

Version Date Comments Review Date
10 Summer 2017 Approved and issued (no amendments) Summer 2018
9 Summer 2016 Amended, approved and issued Summer 2017
8 Summer 2015 Amended, approved and issued Summer 2016
7 Summer 2014 Approved and issued (no amendments) Summer 2015
6 Autumn 2013 Approved and issued (no amendments) Summer 2014
5 Autumn 2012 Amended, approved and issued Summer 2013
4 November 2011 Amended, approved and issued Summer 2013
3 December 2010 Approve and issued (no amendments) January 2012
2 January 2009 Amended, approved and issued January 2011
1 December 2008 First draft  

This policy reaffirms the gritting procedures that have been in place since St John’s opened in September 2005.  In the event of bad ice/snow the janitor, who walks in first, will make an assessment of the paths and roads and classify the priority gritting areas.  This will be confirmed by the Headteacher, who drives in first.  Weather reports will be taken account of.  Grit will be applied by a spreader or by hand.

Please note all vehicles entering or parking on school premises do so entirely at their owner’s risk.

Priority Gritting Access

To ensure safe access for pupils, staff and parents/carers the following priority areas will be gritted (it is not possible to grit the entire site):

  1. The path from the gate to the school including the zebra crossing.
  2. The path from staff car park 1, which includes the disabled & taxi bays, to the kitchen/main entrance; this does not include the car park itself.
  3. The path from staff car park 2, to the main entrance; this does not include the car park itself.
  4. The path from the main entrance to Nursery, Reception, KS1 and KS2 entrance doors.  In bad weather conditions KS2 entrance may be closed and KS1 & KS2 children will enter through the KS1 entrance.
  5. In extreme weather conditions the main gates may be closed and no parents/carers/visitors cars allowed on the premises, including disabled drivers.

Further Checks

These areas will be checked, if necessary, at break by school staff and at dinner time by the lunchtime staff.  If conditions worsen towards the end of the day they will be checked by the Headteacher or a senior member of staff and appropriate action taken.

Cars On-site

The school allows the sports area to be used as a car park during the morning, from 8.10 am to 9.15 am, but has not got the resources to grit it, so currently it will be closed on these days, if deemed dangerous.  If there is a frost it is unlikely to be open and in such conditions parents/carers should not expect to park on the site and must make other arrangements; a text is sent to notify parents/carers before 8 am.

Parents/Carers and children are advised to allow more time for their journey during snow and icy conditions.  They will also be advised to wear suitable footwear and parents/carers are advised where possible to walk their children to school.  Registers will be kept open longer on such days.

This information will be regularly communicated to parents/carers and put in the school prospectus.

Gritting Policy – Version 10 – Summer 2017