After school and lunch time clubs

Make and Bake after school club

The after school club were making potato salad using potatoes grown by the gardening club.

This week children dug up potatoes which they have successfully grown, the children used these potatoes to make their own healthy potato salad with the help of Miss Pickerill.

Chess Club

Chess club took place during dinner time at school, KS2 children thoroughly enjoyed learning chess as  a new skill, we then held a competition for all participants.

Growing Club

Growing Club, lots of children had the pleasure of planting seeds in order to grow different plants and vegetables. They learnt about the process of growing things from seeds and the importance of soil, sun and water. We even had some help from our lovely parents.

ICT Club

KS1 children have got to grips with the iPad and computer during ICT club, they have been exploring different features and figuring out new things.

Taekwondo Competition

KS2 children participating in our after school Taekwondo Club, which is led by Peter Johnson he has achieved black belt and above in Taekwondo and competes World Wide with his Stoke team. Children also took part in St John’s latest Taekwondo Competition and the children who took part in the last grading where every child achieved their next belt whether it was yellow, yellow/green or green belt.

KS2 Sports Club

Afterschool KS2 Sports Club, children are thoroughly enjoying being active and working as part of a team during indoor sports.

Various after school club pictures

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