Worship Monitoring – February 2018

Worship Monitoring – Pupil Voice
February 2018

1. Do you enjoy assemblies and collective worship?
YES – 97% NO – 3%

2. What do you like about assemblies/collective worship?
Learning about Jesus and God, chance to worship/think about God, singing Hymm, prayers, candles, talking about values, thinking about others, yellow certificates/awards, hearing parables, stories, songs different themes

3. What have you learnt about Jesus?
He looks after us, he teaches good lessons, he was sent from God, he is a powerful leader, born at Christmas – died at Easter, he saves us from bad things, performs miracles, he forgives sins and gave his life for us, lots of people believe in him.

4. Do you know what the Trinity is?
YES – 80% NO – 20%
(younger children did not know this)

5. Do you enjoy singing?
YES – 98% NO – 2%

6. When do you pray in School?
Assembly, dinner time, home time, communion, when the candles are blown out, when you miss someone you like, pray at different times, on their own, in class.

7. What do you think about prayer?
He gives us thinking time and time to thank God, it’s a good way to respect and speak to God, like talking about God, it calms us down, “when we pray, God gets happier and looks after us”, makes you lead a good life, you can say what you want.

8. What would you like more of in assemblies/collective worship?
More singing, more stories about Jesus, more prayers/acting, new songs including children, more time singing in class, more certificates/awards in Celebration assembly, more class assemblies stories about different religion.

Worship Questionnaire Results

The support and enthusiasm of the children for collective worship is very pleasing for all the staff team. It reflects the impact of what we do each day and week.
As a result of the questionnaire and the pupil views.

  • We will:-Endeavour over the next term to encourage all classes to sing the weekly hymms at least twice a week.
  • To continue teaching about Jesus, bible stories and parables.
  • Add new songs on a regular basis.
  • Add 1/2 new awards to Friday celebration assembly
  • Continue to say prayers written by children and add to the list.
  • Continue our good practice of worship strengthened by training from the Diocese.
  • We will involve children in class worship.