Arrival and Departures

Arrival and Departures

Beginning of the school day

The school does not accept responsibility for children on school premises before 8:45am.

Children must be in class and ready to start at 8:55am.

The gates open at 8:45am and we encourage you to send your child straight into the cloakroom, so they can quickly go to their classroom where their teacher is waiting for your children. Early Years (Nursery & Reception) has an open door policy where parent/carers are encouraged to settle their child and have time to speak to staff until doors are shut at 9.00am.

To help children settle quickly KS1 classes have a phonics activity ready and KS2 have key skills activities. This encourages a purposeful start to the day and ensures learning begins promptly. We encourage children to be as independent as possible at the start of the day, which helps them settle into school and the class routines.

Should a parent/carer wish to see a teacher, please wait till the end of the day or make an appointment, if it is urgent. The staff who open the key stage doors will take any messages to classrooms/office for you.

Should your child arrive late after the doors have closed, you will need to bring your child to the office, so they can be registered. Likewise, if you need to bring your child late to school after a medical appointment, you will need to do this through the school office entrance.

Parent/Carers are encouraged to make all routine appointments after school or in the holidays, so vital learning time is not missed and class teachers not disturbed.

Our school actively monitors school attendance and there are procedures and actions in place to address any individual concerns. Any pupil with poor attendance is referred to the Education Welfare Officer.

End of the school day

At the end of the school day nursery pupils are collected through the nursery entrance. Reception 1 class is collected from the Early Year’s playground and Reception 2 from the cloak room door facing the KS1 playground.

KS1 pupils are collected from the KS1 cloakroom – Y1are dismissed first, so parents/carers of Y2 children can stand back. These arrangements allow the staff to check that the child goes with the correct adult. If arrangements change, it is essential that school is informed for safeguarding reasons.

KS2 children are dismissed from the KS2 cloakroom in age order, starting with Y3’s so again parents/carers can stand behind the red line and allow staff to see who they are dismissing the children to safely, which is so important.

Parents/Carers did fill in the Collection of Pupils form given out in September with all responsible adults who might collect their child but please do add additional adults throughout the year if necessary – forms are located on the leaflet stand just inside the reception area or alternatively please send in a note to the class teacher. We do not disturb classes at the end of the school day as classes have a story read to them so it is important that only authorised adults are sent to collect children.

Walk to school award

We are committed to ensuring our children have as healthy a lifestyle as possible. As part of this approach we encourage all children wherever possible to walk, scoot or cycle to school. Cycles and scooters must be left in the shelters near the entrance as they are visible by the CCTV system. Each class has a record of the number of children who travel to school in these ways. During the Friday’s Celebration Assembly we award a trophy (Walk to School trophy) to the class which has the highest number of children who walk, scoot or cycle to school.

Car parking

There is no car parking on site, but we have a drop off zone that can be used by parents/carers to drop off in. Cars must not park there under any circumstances. At present the Governing Board allow families during the morning, until 9.05am to use the sports ground to park, but the school reserves the right to close this on days when coaches are on site. The Governing Board do have the right to stop cars parking on site in the future if they wish.

We ask parents/carers to be respectful of our neighbours and not block driveways or park in unsafe places at any time and do not park on the yellow lines outside school gates – these areas are regularly patrolled by Police Community Support Officers to ensure the safety of our children.